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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland0 View Post
    see the _extractTrackInfo in Player.lua for how to access the status (basically playerStatus.item_loop[1].artist etc.)
    Maybe helpful: How to dump a table to console?
    I'm sorry. That may have been a misunderstanding. It's not that I struggle with dumping a table. What I actually meant was that even though I added the k for comment to the status tags parameter it seems that I'm not getting anything comments related back from the server.
    Here's an example of a normal server response for the status query mentioned in the last post:
    	["album"] = Music for Torching,
    	["trackType"] = local,
    	["icon-id"] = aa25c157,
    	["track"] = What's New?,
    	["style"] = itemplay,
    	["text"] = What's New?
    Billie Holiday - Music for Torching,
    	["artist"] = Billie Holiday,
    	["params"] = {
    			["playlist_index"] = 0,
    			["track_id"] = 54,
    If anywhere I'd guessed to find the comments tag value in here. Just to be sure I've looked at the complete playerstatus table, no comment anywhere. I know the CLI documentation says status should support the same tags as songinfo but I have no idea why the comment tag value doesn't get returned. I couldn't fix that or get it to work. That's the only reason I reverted to the server:userrequest with songinfo to get the comment tag value.

    EDIT: I used a script to send the command (mentionied above) to LMS outside of SqueezePlay and it turns out that if you use 'menu:menu' the tag parameter seems to be ignored. It will always return the same tags. If you drop 'menu:menu' it will return the comment tag. I'm not sure but I suppose it's in line with what is defined in the LMS code, i.e. Queries.pm. Since you can't drop 'menu:menu' in player.lua without breaking it I don't really see how I can use the playerstatus to get the comment tag value.
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