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Thread: 2 watt server ?

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    2 watt server ?


    following the recent threads on low-powered servers I came across the flash based CherryPal Desktop computer running some kind of Linux of a flash disc.

    I'm not in the marked right now, so I didn't look closely, but the specs while not impressive, do seem sufficient for SqueezeCenter. And if the 2 watt claim holds it could be of interest to some.

    Edit: And now for the important part:



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    Seems interesting, but Im not familiar with that Freescale processor, so maybe making a workable Squeezecenter would be the major problem. They say is Debian based so that could help.
    rip (eac) > convert (flac) > tag (musicbrainz/mp3tag) > normalize (replaygain/foobar2000) > albumart (www/firefox) > transport (winscp) > store (debian) > manage (squeezecenter) > control (ipodtouch/ipeng-app) > play (squeezebox) > preamplify (zpre2) > amplify (zampv3) > listen (axiomm2/sennheiser-hd595) > scrooble (last.fm) > enjoy (me :)


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    CherryPal is back after false start

    New details about the CherryPal have been published on october 28th. And now available for purchase, shipping november 4th.
    Does anyone know this processor, and will SC 7 work on this one?

    The CherryPal™ C114 desktop is about the size
    of a paperback book, but has the performance you
    would expect from a full-size desktop computer.
    Freescale's fast triple-core mobileGT processor
    delivers exceptional multimedia performance and
    feature-rich user interfaces, while only consuming
    as much power as a clock radio. CherryPal uses 80
    percent fewer components than a traditional PC,
    and because it has no moving parts, it operates
    without making a sound and will last 10 years or


    Freescale’s MPC5121e mobileGT processor, 800
    MIPS (400 MHz) of processing
    256 MB of DDR2 DRAM
    8GB NAND Flash-based solid state drive
    (increased from 4GB C100)
    WiFi 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
    Two USB 2.0 ports
    One 10/100 Ethernet with RJ-45 jack
    One VGA DB-15 display out jack
    Headphone level stereo audio out 3.5mm jack
    9vDC 2.5mm 10 watt AC-DC adapter power supply
    Weighs 10 ounces
    1.3” high, 5.8” x 4.2” wide

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    So in fact it is more of a player/workstation, not a server. Nevertheless a cool aparatus.

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    while 2W may seem little, you would still need to connect mechanical hard disks to it. SSDs just aren't big or inexpensive enough yet, IMHO.

    i have a qnap turbostation 409 pro which draws ~20W in standby mode, of which (according to WD's hard disk datasheets: ~4W per 1TB disk) 16W are the disks, four of (in standby).

    in full operation, the unit draws (measured!) 33W, of which ~28W are the disks (again according to WD's datasheets).

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    I don't think you need a mechanical hard drive attached. A USB key or USB card reader and an SDHC card etc would work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pounce View Post
    I don't think you need a mechanical hard drive attached. A USB key or USB card reader and an SDHC card etc would work.
    If your music fits, flash media would work fine. 400GB of FLAC files, well, it'd be cost-prohibitive.

    The CPU should have enough oomph to run SqueezeCenter, especially if it's got a floating point unit (if you're doing transcoding). It won't be fast but it will work. It's really going to depend on the size of your library.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pounce View Post
    I don't think you need a mechanical hard drive attached. A USB key or USB card reader and an SDHC card etc would work.
    You do if you want to store a music library of any significant size. That library could also reside on a network file share, but that would rather defeat the purpose of having a very low power SC server.

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    Ok. I'd imagine that greater than 85% of users would be able to use this without a hard drive. You don't *have* to have one. I can do without one if I wanted. You can get a 64GB usb stick for about $150.

    If you have to use a drive a usb powered laptop drive might be a good choice. They are low power (2.5W max without a power slave) and the external nature could add some flexibility and speed to populating the drive. A 400GB laptop drive runs just $100. The size might stack nicely as well.

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    I wonder how much flexibility the CherryPal gives you. Their main page says:
    "Managing all upgrades and installations for you"
    So how would you install SqueezeCenter? The OS is supposed to be a Debian version I think.

    It would be pretty cool though, a CherryPal as music server with two 64G USB sticks. That would be quite low in energy consumption!

    PS. What happened to the Koolu?
    PS2. What about the fit-pc as an alternative to the CherryPal? It runs Ubuntu, has a 2.5" 60Gb HD, so it should be fit to run SqueezeCenter? http://www.fit-pc.com/new/fit-pc-1-0...fications.html

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