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    mms stream: SB3 vs squeezeslave

    In my course to set up the server, found one surprising observation.
    When I set wma to "native" in squeezecenter and try to play a mms stream, the SB3 displayed "time out" error. However, squeezeslave on the server could connect and play the stream with no problem.

    Is this normal? So...Squeezeslave not just emulate SB but improved over it?

    Some of the example streams that only plays on squeezeslave:

    Is there any way to play these streams using SB3 in the "native" mode?


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    Squeezeslave, Softsqueeze and SB1 have no native WMA and so WMA has to be transcoded into Flac, WAV or MP3 by SC before being sent to Squeezeslave.

    Since Squeezeslave has no "native" capability - SC treats wma streams (both http & mms) for Squeezeslave as if "native" is disabled.

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