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    IRBlaster and 7.1 - Anyone have a working version of this plug in?

    Title says it all, latest build doesn't seem to work with 7.1. Anyone have advice?

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    Well, I think I fixed it myself... At least it loads and configures. (Only thing that doesn't work is the URL/JS to call the pull-down menu up top - anyone know what the JS is to do this? If not, I'll just remove the URL from the page.)

    I'll have a SB3 on Tuesday or Wednesday to test with (just have a SB Duet right now).

    If anyone wants the updated file that seems to work with 7.1, it's attached. If you can test and post results, that would be awsome. Otherwise I'll test this week and post again.
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    Just got my SB3, plugged it in, and it works perfectly! First try. I updated the above file to remove a couple of the annoyances.
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