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    Features of Sansa Connect that Squeezebox Duet Should Have

    I just upgraded from a Sansa Connect (which I used primarily for Launchcast Plus internet radio) to a Squeezebox Duet, and I love it. However, there are some things that were a little easier with the Sansa I believe SlimDevices/Logitech could adopt for the Squeezebox Duet (some of these things aren't on the Sansa either, but I would like to see them on the Squeezebox anyway):

    1. It is too easy to overshoot with the scroll wheel, IMO, and there's a weird lag between when the wheel starts to turn and the selection bar moves up or down.
    2. Scrolling with the wheel during playback should make the playlist menu appear, or if there is no playlist playing; then the Favorites menu should appear.
    3. I would love it if I could get my customized Launchcast Plus station on the Squeezebox. If Yahoo! and Rhapsody could hook up, maybe there's hope for us Squeezebox owners?
    4. Rhapsody channels should have descriptions appear automatically after a delay. For example, a truncated description could appear in a notification bar at the bottom of the screen and clicking the center button would pull the description full screen.
    5. A quick shortcut to add to favorites (double click the + key, for example).
    6. Instant playlists: Make a mix based on current artist/track.
    7. Make mixes of streams that can be added to favorites.
    8. Lists of Rhapsody channels should include sample album art and artists with each channel without extra menu navigation.
    9. Make it clearer in settings which are for the controller and which are for the receiver.
    10. The layout of squeezenetwork should be customizable. Browsing Rhapsody, for example, requires a lot of scrolling to the bottom half of the page.
    11. Hide unwanted items from appearing in controller for faster navigation.
    12. Name of channel should be part of the Now Playing display.

    I can already anticipate that some will view one or more of these suggestions as a change for the worse, so in those cases, making the change an option would be best, I feel. Thanks.
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