Once you customize the controller main menu, it's a real pain to get to any entries which are not shown and are not in the settings sub-tree. You have to change the customization to show the entry, then use it, then hide it again. And you have to navigate the sort of flat home menu list to get to it - twice.

My proposal is that instead of forcing the home menu to contain settings (which is of course done to avoid getting stuck) there should be a new menu item - full menu (name subject to improvement) which leads to the uncustomized menu tree.

One of the entries in that tree is settings, so you still can't get stuck.

What full menu does, and maybe the easiest implementation, is to suppress customization for a while - say until you pop out of it or go to the home menu with the home key.

If you are constantly frustrated as I am - if you have too many entries on your customized menu because you've put once a week stuff there - then vote for 8217.