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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Wise View Post
    By the way, we're way past SqueezeCenter 7.0.1 now, and I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to run SC on their Readynas use the latest code from the 7.2 branch. This code is being actively tested by several Logitech and Netgear employees and is the branch that we're checking code fixes/updates into. We anticipate launching SC 7.2 for ReadyNas at the exact same time we do for all other platforms.


    (If you run into problems, look for the CleanSlimServer package and install that. It'll wipe out your Database and Cache, but those will be rebuilt when SqueezeCenter restarts...)
    thanks for all these posts Matt. I'll build up to 7.2 in a few days if you don't mind - just getting my confidence with 7.1. which does seem fine.

    I'll try a rescan and let you know how it goes..you have confirmed my suspicions re iTunes.

    thanks again - appreciated.

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    I've just uploaded this to the ReadyNAS NV+. It all works well but whenever the Logitech remote is powered up (and sitting in its cradle) the NAS refuses to hibernate. I've highlighted this issue before (both here and in the Netgear forum) and noticed that other people are having the exact same problems, but nobody has commented on why this might be happening.

    I'll log it on the bugs area; it really needs to be addressed as it's ecologically very poor practice to have the disks continuously spinning for something which I only use once a week at most.

    Incidentally, 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 caused the NAS to hibernate for 20 minutes then wake up, then hibernate for 20 minutes etc etc. 7.2~22491 permitted hibernation for 4 minutes, then after the hour (the set hibernation period) it permitted hibernation for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, it spun the disks up and kept them spun up for 3 hours (until now).


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    New NETGEAR build...
    Quote Originally Posted by r2-d2
    But I found problem with "Look for new and changed music" option.


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