I have a LAN with a laptop connected wirelessly to a desktop which is connected to the Web through a Linksys wireless router. Due to poor wirless signal,I have setup the Squeezebox using an ethernet cable to the router - (For those who haven't connected my recent two separate posts here , I am using iTunes and have my music in the path "G:/Itunes Library" - see previous post from me ).

I have had "patchy" results with this setup , initially there was much "stuttering" in the music reception , accompanied with slow navigation through the SC ,then for no explicable reason , the music played OK and navigation through my music library using both remote and the S.C. web interface was quick and practically instantaneous when changing between the various settings such as ALBUMS ,GENRES,ARTISTS etc.

However , today , after importing some CD music , I had great difficulty in getting the SB to connect to the SC - it would stick at "Connecting to the SC" and when it did connect, navigating in the SC slowed to a crawl using both remote and web interface .When I managed to get it to a particular track , pressing "PLAY" did nothing for sometimes about 5 mins before it began to play.

Also there were other "anomalies" .
For instance , if I selected the "POWER" button on the remote , it initially turned off the SB but then the SB immediately switched into the "Connecting to Ethernet" sequence without any further commands on my part.
There are errors in both the Server and Scanner logs- ( see Attachments )

I attempted to upload both a Scanner Log and a Server log here but I think only one attached, I am , therefore including here a summary of the Server log entry :-

This repeats the message :-

"...[08-06-06 23:16:06.4881] Slim::Web::JSONRPC::requestMethod (383) request not dispatchable!
[08-06-06 23:16:06.4914] Slim::Networking::Select::select (245) Error: Select task failed: Can't call method "streamformat" on an undefined value at /<G:\UTILIT~1\SQUEEZ~1\server\SQUEEZ~1.EXE>Slim/Web/HTTP.pm line 1970.
[08-06-06 23:16:06.6090] Slim::Networking::Select::select (245) Error: Select task failed:"

Can any of this explain why the navigation has slowed and also why the erratic behaviour of the remote commands should be happening ?