I and a few other Meridian owners have a small issue with the SB3/Transporter.

I think I may have narrowed it down a bit.

The Meridian has a FIFO for dejittering that causes issues if you have mixed bitrates/bitstreams in your library that you frequently jump between.

One thing I have learned is with the FIFO on it doesn't like suddenly changing bitrate. It's not so much DTS to PCM and back that causes glitches. I do this often because I often listen in random or quickly scan through random tracks which include PCM 44.1k, DTS 44.1k and DTS 48k, AC3 48k.

If I'm listening to 44.1K PCM CD rip and switch to a 44.1K DTS CD Rip it locks smoother and faster (almost identical to having FIFO off). But if I go from 44.1K PCM to 48K DTS then it has trouble locking and sometimes pops while it hunts for the new bitrate. If the FIFO is off it locks on the new bitrate almost instantly. My guess is for few moments the clockout of the FIFO is running at the prior bitrate (or the data in it was intented for a different bitrate). With a G98 (Meridian DVD Player) or even a generic DVD/CD player it has a lots of time to prime things for a WHOLE DVD/CD (and possibly even notify ahead what coming down the pipe). It may even send silence at the prior bitrate to flush the FIFO with silence before switching bitrate. Thinks happen quicker with the FIFO off and less time available for something bad to happen (like a POP). It might also be why switching tracks on a Meridian player is very slow (not extremely smooth).

Is there anyway to add a safe padding to the stream when switching bitrates. I realize the SB3/Transporter does not what the bitstream is.

This could possibly be done through a plugin. And it may possibly even exist.