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    SqueezeCenter won't populate album art

    On 9-Jun-08, at 10:58 PM, mathewbeall wrote:

    > DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Can't create/write to file
    > 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\#sql_b30_0.MYD' (Errcode: 13) a

    This is the telltale sign of interference from anti-virus software.
    Whatever software you are using, tell it to not scan *.MYI and *.MYD
    The database backend for SC (mysql) and antivirus programs do not
    play well together.


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    Directory Scan (3071 of 3071) Complete 00:02:27

    Merge Various Artists (408 of 408) Complete 00:00:06

    Artwork Scan (409 of 409) Complete 00:00:56

    Database Optimize (0 of ) Complete 00:00:05

    SqueezeCenter has finished scanning your music collection.00:03:34

    I had to turn off mcafee - the virus scan was interfering with the sql temp file creation... now I have to find a way to exclude those files...

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    just as an aside, since some people here are infrant users, you might be interested in bug 8324. it is a patch (by erland) to allow users to turn off the VA logic detection, which would save users some time, and might really help infrant users.

    there are other ways to tag comps, why use the imprecise logic if u could just turn it off and save the time and avoid its mistakes?

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    Ugh. I had this very same issue. I use AVGFree which does not let you specify an exclusion list (the for-pay edition does), nor does it seem to have a quick and easy way to unload the resident real-time scanner. I ended up having to uninstall AVG and move to ClamWin as my AV solution in order to get the scan going properly. ClamWin does not have an on-access real-time scan engine like AVG does, so we'll see if I stick with this solution.

    Interesting day...

    EDIT: Blah... I spoke too soon... even with ClamWin I have the album art issue... sigh... back to the drawing board.

    EDIT 2: Fixed my issue. Upgraded my version of AVG to the latest free version which did allow me to edit the real-time scan file type listing. I also explicitly specified the album art file name as "folder.jpg" in the settings. All of that seemed to do the trick. Phew.
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