I've been playing with an airport express and a remote control package for the ipod touch called signal (http://www.alloysoft.com/) and the experience is pretty good. I am currently using my receiver's DAC (Arcam AVR350).

Just wondering if the Duet would sound any better under the same circumstances (run through the receiver). Alternately if I fed either into a DAC-1 or Lavry, would there be any difference between the two?

PS - Of interest, I've tried iPeng and it looks good, but the delays/lag drove my better half nuts. Perhaps a native app would be better? I guess that's why we have the controller, eh?
Signal is also web based, so I don't know why signal is so much faster. Odd. To my mind, the big benefit to the Duet is native FLAC support and multi-platform server. Is there anything else that I'm missing?