Nope, mine is the same way. Using the analogue out, I need to crank up my
amp quite a bit more when doing an A-B comparison with my CD player.


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This old chestnut.

The output level of the analogue-out is too low, so to get the required
volume from my speakers I have to wind the main volume knob on my amp much
further up than I do for any other peripheral. (FYI I use the best analogue
quality setting for my player)
Using the digital-out and the Arcam Dac the brings the output from the
Squeezebox up to the same level as any of the other peripheals i have hooked
up to my amplifier.

I can still rattle the neighbours out of bed when using the SB analogue-outs
a long as I turn up the volume on my amplifier further than I would normally
have to.

Maybe it's just my Squeezebox that's like this then... or perhaps some
peculiar interaction with the line input amplifiers of my amp (pre-amp,
strictly speaking).

Simon Turner
Brighton UK