I have had a problem on my SBC for the last week or so. The Applet Installer fails to load, displaying a screen with just "Applet Installer" in the title bar and nothing else. When you try and exit the screen you can't, you have to press the home button to continue. I bumped up some of the logging and this is what I see:

May 17 23:56:19 (none) user.info jive: (AppletManager.lua:425) - Loaded: SetupAppletInstaller
May 17 23:56:19 (none) user.debug jive: (Comet.lua:429) - Comet {speedy}: request(function: 0x25f870, reqid:342, false, jiveapplets, priority:nil)
May 17 23:56:19 (none) user.debug jive: (Comet.lua:330) - Sending pending request(s):
May 17 23:56:19 (none) user.warn jive: (Comet.lua:783) - Comet {speedy}: _response, /slim/request id=342 failed: request failed with error: Bad dispatch!
May 17 23:56:19 (none) user.debug jive: (Comet.lua:859) - Comet {speedy}: _response, got data for an event we aren't subscribed to, ignoring -> /request

This is on r2448 and SC 7.0.1, but I'm pretty sure it started happening on the previous version of the SBC firmware (but I also moved from 7.0 to 7.0.1 around the same time).