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There is a cheap vinyl ripper - can't remember its name (I could look it up if you wish) - it's about $70. For the effort involved, I reckon it's worth spending more on a quality piece of equipment. Try "The Ripper" instead: http://www.hagtech.com/ripper.html. The kit version won't cost much more than your budget and will be top quality.
Interesting product, but my Naim 72/hi-cap pre-amp already has a very high class phono stage so that part of the "ripper" isn't required. All I need is the ADC bit of it. There are plenty of similar USB and PCI devices out there that will do the job, so I am not short of options should the 2496 prove hopeless.

In the meantime I will record a disk using the on-board sound card so I can use it for A/B comparison purposes later and definitively answer my own question.

Am I sad or what? :-/