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    Anybody bought one (or 4) of these..?

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    Are they a scam? A quick Google led to only sceptical comments ...

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    check out this thread:


    The thread was locked due to some complains from people that were "defending" st_pid tweaks in this forum, so this could serve as warning....

    the products are some of the biggest scams in the industry, but people that go with them deserve to be scammed...
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    This one is the best:


    Half price!

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    While I don't like to diss products that I haven't tried, so much on that website is such utter nonsense it beggars belief. "Brilliant Pebbles" taped to your interconnects?!? WTF??

    Even if you had everything else totally sorted about your system and room, I can't see that these could have a meaningful effect. But just compare the effect these could have with stuff like (proper) room treatment, speaker positioning and the like.

    And the 30-day money back guarantee is genius: totally playing on people's sense of audiophile paranoia. "We're so confident that the difference is night and day that we're willing to let you try them free" - placebo and paranoia.

    It's the music...

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    I bought the teleportation tweak, but I didn't like it so I sold it on eBay.

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    My personal fav has always been Shun Mook. I can't believe they're still going after all these years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicktf View Post
    I sure hope nobody even bought one much less four! What a load of crap. These con artist also sell 30 dollar out covers that are nothing more then 59-cent outlet covers that they spray 5 cents of graphite on the back for a must "Tweak".

    Somebody with nothing to do should buy one and try to return it.
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    I couldn't see spending the money on the "Brilliant Pebbles", so I opted for the lesser "Gravel Stones". Found if I bypassed the system totally and taped them to my earlobes, the sound was amazing. I am currently revisiting my entire music collection to hear what I have been missing.

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