l wonder if it is not your work pc... l can stream to os x machines over
cable using an imac as my server. l use 192 and 160 MP3 files

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On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:32:41 -0600 "Brad Moody" <bmoody (AT) wbtllp (DOT) com> wrote:
>Hi. I cannot consistently stream from home computer to work. Stream keeps

being interrupted, buffer stays empty for a while, then refills sometimes
quickly, sometimes not so quickly. Play eventually resumes but at some
point, the cycle begins again. Average probably an interruption a minute,
of 10 seconds to a minute duration. Prepared to believe it's sorry Time
Warner/Earthlink cable connection problem but some of the debug messages
seemed like maybe more is going on.
>Have successfully "transcoded" 320 kbps MP3's to 96 kbps (verified by info

on Winamp Screen) but problem still exists.
>Internet Connection: Earthlink Cable (Home) Through Linksys BEFW11S4

Router (For Squeezebox--Works Great)
> Logix T1 (Work)
>System: Mac OSX 10.3 Home/PC Windows '98 Work
>Slimserver: 5.1.1
>Attached is a text file showing lines from the debug flags that I set

(HTTP, remotestream and stream I think) if it helps.
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>[Debug Output.txt]