I just got my SqueezeBox yesterday and I'm loving it so far. I've only
encountered one problem, which is with playing FLAC files.

Most of my music collection is in MP3s at this point, but I recently decided
to start encoding all my CDs into FLAC format. I have a few already encoded
using FLAC version 1.1.0 for Windows, and I've tested playing them directly
in WinAmp (not streamed from SlimServer) with no problem.

I put the FLAC files into my music directory on the SlimServer system, and
did a rescan, and it saw them and catelogued them just fine. I added some
to my playlist, but it does not appear able to play them. When I hit pay on
the SqueezeBox, it skips through each FLAC song quickly as though it is zero
length. I've also tried playing them having the SlimServer stream them to
WinAmp, but the same thing happens.

At first I didn't have the FLAC encoding tools installed ont he SlimServer
system, so I tried installing them, but still no success.

Any other ideas for what I should try here? Like I said, I know the files
are encoded okay, because I can play them directly in WinAmp (and if I look
at the file properties in WinAmp or in SlimServer, it correctly identifies
the FLAC files as FLAC files and has all of the song, artist, etc,
info)...and the SlimServer/SqueezeBox work beautifully with my mp3s, so
those work as well. But when I try to play FLAC through the SlimServer
(version 5.1 by the way, running under WinXP)....no love.

Thanks in advance for any tips. I'm still a FLAC newbie (as well, I
suppose, as a SlimServer and SqueezeBox newbie), so the help is appreciated.


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