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    SC 7.0 Manual scan

    Why doesn't Dos accept the following command:
    D:\Program Files\SqueezeCenter\server>scanner.exe-wipe-d_import-d_server-d_scan-logfile=D:\SqueezeCenter.log
    knowing that D:\ is the correct partition.
    Probably something very silly on my side but ..

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    SC 7.0 Manual scan

    > Files\SqueezeCenter\server>scanner.exe-wipe-d_import-d_server-d_scan-logfile=D:\SqueezeCenter.log

    Did you really write the command this way? If you did so, then just add a space before any hyphen...



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    SC 7.0 Manual scan

    Thanks Michael. It worked.

    Well, maybe I should edit this reply.
    Yes the dos command was accepted yes the musicbase was wiped out BUT no rescan took place (I tried it twice). SqueezeCenter.log is empty.

    However the rescan started in the usual way under SqueezeCenter and is at this stage working. The result will be available in 45 minutes (my musicbase id rather voluminous).

    Maybe your initial question should have attracted my attention: is there anything wrong with the actual structure of the command?

    Well, in the meantime the regular scan has finished (for some time) but the original problem has not disappeared but has become more complicated: 1. the fact that, on Squeezeserver 7.0 lefthand side under Albums the names of the Artists appear twice under each song/movement and continue to do so (see my earlier mail to this forum), and 2. a manual scan with log done on on suggestion from Tech support crashes after I had solved the "hyphen issue" thanks to Michael (see above or below).

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