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    Now Playing on the Controller - Add Year...and other observations

    I understand that in future releases there will be functionality added to customize the Now Playing screen on the Controller, but in the meantime...I would really find it useful if the year was displayed in parentheses to the right of the album name...so "Abbey Road (1969)" instead of just "Abbey Road". I have taken the time to thoroughly tag my music and enjoy knowing the year of the song I am listening to without further clicking and scrolling.

    Since I am posting let me take the time to pass on my thoughts about the Duet:

    Not being able to rate using Trackstat on the Controller is a big loss.
    Not being able to customize the menus is a big loss (which I read will be an option in future releases)

    Just an FYI...I am still using the old remote for the following:

    Turning off the SB3
    Lazy Searching
    Rating using Trackstat

    With that said, that's pretty much all I miss. Overall, it's a super-sweet product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexg View Post
    Just an FYI...I am still using the old remote for the following:

    Turning off the SB3
    FWIW, turning off the SB3 is available from the home menu on the Controller.

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