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    weird playlist abnormality

    When I add an album to the playlist, via the Slim
    remote, using the Genre->All Albums->specific album
    route, the songs are added in a random order. Shuffle
    is definitely off. If I add the album without going
    through the All Album route, the songs are added
    properly - in song order. This does not happen if I
    use the Genre->All Albums->specific album route from
    the web interface.
    Any ideas?


    G4 AGP/SP Powerlogix 1GHz CPU
    512 MB RAM
    OS X 10.3.2
    Itunes 4.2
    SlimServer 5.1.1, nightly build 2/22, current firmware.

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    Daniel Cohen

    weird playlist abnormality

    On 24/2/04 at 12:17 pm -0800, fauxfrenchdeux wrote
    >When I add an album to the playlist, via the Slim
    >remote, using the Genre->All Albums->specific album

    route, the songs are added in a random order.

    Are you sure the order is random? That should mean that if you
    deleted the album from the playlist and then added it again, the
    order would be different.

    I'm just wondering if the order is alphabetical by title, or
    something of the sort.

    In passing I have, for various reasons, occasionally looked at an
    album whose tracks are just named Track 1, Track 2, and so on. They
    appear in the order Track 1, Track 10, Track 11, and so on, which is
    not what is wanted.

    Daniel Cohen

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    Harry McQuillen

    Problems with volume control on Remote/Duplicate listings

    Hello! The slimserver and squeezebox has been working wonderfully, I
    have over 500GB of .aiff online so far and going strong.

    A couple of days ago I began noticing one anomaly. When I try
    to change the volume using the remote, the display of the squeezebox
    goes dark and sometimes within a few moments it will say that
    it is having trouble connecting to the server. Then either it will get
    its act together and start playing the next track or in a smaller
    number of situations it will play static.

    The other problem is that the slimserver seems to see everything
    in my library twice. In iTunes I have around 7000 songs but on
    the slimserver I have over 14,000. I think this has something to do
    with the fact that my main itunes music directory is on a volume
    named 'music1' which shows up under artists on the web interface
    so I think it is reading a duplicate of the whole collection through
    that somehow. I checked and there aren't any unwanted symbolic
    links lying around.

    I am running OS X 10.2.8 on a dual 1GHz G4. My slimserver is
    5.1. The first problem (with the volume and lost connection)
    just started happening. Previously it was working fine.


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