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    Hi MattW,

    thanks for all that!

    1) I will take your advice and try 7.3.4. This doesn't have a build.sh
    but uses build-perl-modules.pl . I have done the following steps
    (listed below) until I get to the final error

    2) I am the guy who has the problem following your "clean svn upgrade
    to 7.3 from 7.0 base install" path. I am still working on this, trying
    to get some useful information. However when I do something that
    triggers the surge in squeezecenter CPU usage, there is no accompanying
    error messages


    # here is what I did.
    $dpkg -i squeezecenter_7.3.4~28402_all.deb
    $apt-get -f install # did nothing
    $/etc/init.d/squeezecenter stop
    $/usr/sbin/squeezecenter-server --debug=server
    The following modules failed to load: DBD::mysql DBI HTML::Parser JSON::XS Compress::Zlib YAML::Syck
    $/usr/share/squeezecenter/Bin/build-perl-modules.pl DBD::mysql DBI HTML::Parser JSON::XS Compress::Zlib YAML::Syck
    # all compile OK

    $/usr/sbin/squeezecenter-server --debug=server
    Can't locate loadable object for module Encode:etect:etector in

    $ /usr/share/squeezecenter/Bin/build-perl-modules.pl Encode:etect
    #builds OK

    $/usr/sbin/squeezecenter-server --debug=server
    [10-03-12 23:53:42.6892] main::init (270) Starting SqueezeCenter (v7.3.4, r28402, Tue Sep 22 03:02:56 PDT 2009)
    [10-03-12 23:53:42.7983] main::init (287) SqueezeCenter OS Specific init...
    [10-03-12 23:53:42.8058] main::init (331) SqueezeCenter settings effective user and group if requested...
    [10-03-12 23:53:42.8142] Slim::bootstrap::theEND (421) Got to the END
    [10-03-12 23:53:42.8211] Slim::bootstrap::sigint (385) Got sigint
    [10-03-12 23:53:42.8286] Slim::Schema::throw_exception (288) Error: Can't find source for MetaInformation
    [10-03-12 23:53:42.8378] Slim::Schema::throw_exception (288) Backtrace:

    frame 0: Slim::Utils::Log::logBacktrace (/usr/share/perl5/Slim/Schema.pm line 288)
    frame 1: Slim::Schema::throw_exception (/usr/share/squeezecenter/CPAN/DBIx/Class/Schema.pm line 150)
    frame 2: DBIx::Class::Schema::source (/usr/share/squeezecenter/CPAN/DBIx/Class/Schema.pm line 190)
    frame 3: DBIx::Class::Schema::resultset (/usr/share/perl5/Slim/Schema.pm line 602)
    frame 4: Slim::Schema::single (/usr/share/perl5/Slim/Music/Import.pm line 658)
    frame 5: Slim::Music::Import::stillScanning (/usr/sbin/squeezecenter-server line 997)
    frame 6: main::cleanup (/usr/share/perl5/Slim/bootstrap.pm line 389)
    frame 7: Slim::bootstrap::sigint (/usr/share/perl5/Slim/bootstrap.pm line 423)
    frame 8: Slim::bootstrap::theEND (/usr/sbin/squeezecenter-server line 1053)
    frame 9: main::END (/usr/sbin/squeezecenter-server line 0)
    frame 10: (eval) (/usr/sbin/squeezecenter-server line 0)

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    If you're feeling a little brave you could try leapfrogging to 7.5.0-embedded. This thread describes how to do it on a LinkStation Pro using SSODS/SSOXX: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=75753 .

    Despite many attempts I was never able to get my LSPro to run anything more recent than SC 7.3.2, but now it's running 7.5.0-embedded nicely. An advantage of the embedded branch is that it uses SQLite as the database, which is advantageous for marginal hardware like the LSPro because it has a much smaller footprint than MySQL. Note that at present you'll need to use a slightly older build of 7.5.0-embedded (r30249, which is available via svn).

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    Hello parsifal9,

    Of course, I should have spotted the name and remembered that you were having performance problems.

    Again, from memory of 7.3.n builds

    [10-03-12 23:53:42.8286] Slim::Schema::throw_exception (288) Error: Can't find source for MetaInformation
    [10-03-12 23:53:42.8378] Slim::Schema::throw_exception (288) Backtrace:
    I think is an issue with permissions and perhaps a missing server.prefs file. Make sure you've run the chmod ... -R on the directories as specified in the upgrade and that you have a server.prefs file in /usr/src/squeezecenter/server/prefs.

    You can start and stop squeeze manually by running /usr/src/squeezecenter/server/slimserver.pl --user=squeezecenter

    (I personally don't use the service option, I just kick of the server directly from rc.local)

    Let me know how that goes

    Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast

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    How is the performance of 7.4 and 7.5 beta on the LS Pro vs. the Sheevaplug? Is it very noticable?

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