Well it gets worse.

I had only played a couple of MP3's trying to find one that caused this
problem and when increasing the Slim's volume to nearly the max the
audio would be distorted and "blips" introduced. And when I tried to
reduce the volume using the remote the Slim stops playing and displays
the Bootloader screen with the MAC address. There doesn't appear to be
any why to exit this screen without power cycling the Slim.

On the 3rd restart attempt, I reduced the volume using the server and it
started to play, but as soon as I increased the volume one notch using
the remote the Slim rebooted.

Should I perhaps try reinstalling the Slim firmware?


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I hadn't taken note of which mp3's were affected, so I'll find one and
make sure it plays normally on other apps, before sending to yourself.



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This problem isn't familiar to me.

Can you send me one of the MP3s in question?


On Feb 21, 2004, at 5:18 AM, Stephen Jones wrote:

> Hi

> I’m new to the list so this perhaps this is a common fault easily
> fixed…
> It’s quite a basic setup -- a SlimP3 connected via switch to a fairly
> old Dell Precision 410 (400mhz) running the latest server software. I
> recently upgraded the players firmware to ver 2.2. The problem is that

> when playing quite a number of non specific mp3’s the player will
> “struggle” to play them. By that I mean the volume jumps up to what
> seems full volume, the playback jitters and stops, and consequently
> the player will reboot time after time until this tune is removed from

> the playlist.
> Can this be related to resources on the server PC?
> I’ve never had any problems playing these audio files using Musicmatch

> or similar.
> Any help appreciated
> Steve