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    Quote Originally Posted by dominik123 View Post
    Hi everyone,

    it┤s quite some time that I installed my Qnap and SS and after the release of the newest Firmware + SS I reinstalled everything


    well this time its nt working :-(

    On SSOTS is no USB SWAP Option anymore??
    And the usbutil does not work too.
    It complains that there is no SSOTS installed?

    Is the swap option not possible anymore?

    Thank you very much.

    Greetings Dom
    USButil has to be adapted to SSODS4. Actually i found no time to do that. I can't promise a date till this is done :-(

    All the scripts have to be adapted to the new file locations and tested.
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    Any bypass. For enabling HDD spindown.

    Hi again,

    so there is no way to solve this yet?
    Because before I installed SS it was spinning down as wished. But even if I turn off SS it wont spinn down anymore.

    Greetings Dom

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