I'm currently writing an applet for jive, and having some trouble running it on the device. The applet is designed to control a home automation system (Calaos). My applet is communicating with the home automation server using a simple tcp protocol (very similar to the slimserver's CLI).
I have developped my applet using the desktop version of jive, and it's working great. But now I've upload it on the real device, and ran it, but the jive process just segfault for some obscure reason... Of course I've tried a nightly build of jive firmware, without success.

I've tried to debug using printf in lua as much as I can, and it appear that jive is segfaulting in the lua socket layer, but I'm not sure. I need to do more debugging. So I have done a svn checkout of squeezeos, and try to compile a fresh jive with debugging symbols and gdb. But here comes my troubles, compilation just failed !
In fact, I can't cross compile squeezeplay, because some libs are missing: libjpeg, libpng and zlib...

Now I'm stuck and I really need some help from jive developpers.