Some slow performance issues since staring to use SC 7.0, loading playlists may hang etc., album display is glacial compared to Moose or Itunes, sometimes SC is very responsive, sometimes not...But on several occasions I have heard my PC fan kick into major overdrive - which usually only occurs when playing Call of Duty 4 with all the graphics maxed - accompanied by a major slowdown of all running programs. Checking in Task Manager each time showed javaw.exe gobbling over 95% of my CPU. Killing softsqueeze (ver. 3.4) closes the bloated Java process and returns the system to normal. I'm running xp SP2 with all updates, GHz pentium 4, 1 Gig of RAM, latest Java 1.60. I wonder if this is also behind my intermittent audio problems with softsquueze radio streaming... McAffee is set to ignore any files in my music folder.