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    Controller for wired Transporter?


    I have a simple question that probably has been answered already, but here it goes:

    I know that the Controller is supposed to function with my Transporter, but how will it work in my wired network? Which of these options will work?

    1) The Transporter is wired to the Squeezecenter server and uses its wireless (yes I have the antennas attached) network to communicate with the Controller (ad-hoc wireless connection). This means that the Transporter uses both of its network interfaces. Is this at all possible?

    2) Connect the Controller base unit to the wired network. This requires a ethernet connector on the base unit, something I haven't seen on any images.

    3) Any more options?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Neither of those.

    The base unit for the Controller is simply a battery charger.

    The Transporter does have two separate interfaces, wired and wireless, and can be configured to use them both in a bridge mode. But not, AFAIK, to use the wireless bit as an access point. Its presumeably physically possible - its what the Receiver does - but hasn't been implemented in firmware yet (and no news on it happening that I recall).

    To use Controller with Transporter at the moment you need to have some kind of Wireless Access Point on your network, either in the router or standalone. The Controller gets on to the network via that and talks to the server.

    A Wireless Access Point is a lot less than the cost of a Controller!

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    Neither 1) nor 2) is possible.
    The Controller can only communicate with the Receiver in ad-hoc mode.
    In your case you need a wireless access point/router.
    The controller base unit as you call it is nothing more than a charging cradle.


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    if your broadband router has wireless capability and your SB3/ Transporter and Controller are in the same subnet then you can use the broadband router as a WAP. Otherwise you will need to purchase a separate WAP to add to the subnet. I've gone with a Netgear WG102 WAP and use an iPod Touch with the iPeng skin as the remote. In my case the Controller isn't available for separate purchase so I've opted not to bother with it as I don't need a Receiver. IMHO, it's a bit of a cheek not to offer the Controller for separate purchase in Australia and also not to offer it bundled with the SB3 and Transporter as done when creating the "Duet". If I were still in the market for a Transporter I'd definitely want the option of adding a Controller without having to pay $50 more than someone purchasing a "Duet".
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    Controller for wired Transporter?

    egd wrote:
    > Otherwise you will need to purchase a
    > separate WAP to add to the subnet. I've gone with a Netgear WG102 WAP.

    As egd says, you need a wireless network. You can either buy a WAP such
    as the one above for ~$100, or buy a wireless router for ~$40 and use it
    as a WAP. I don't know why the vendors charge more when they label it a
    'wap' as its really the same hardware.

    I recommend a Linksys WG54GL, which you can flash with open source
    firmware, they are about $50

    Pat Farrell

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