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    Exclamation A couple of bugs posted regarding Favorites

    Today posted 2 bugs I'm experiencing - appreciate anyone following up with the Slimcrew if you're experiencing these as well. Thanks.

    #1 On the new SN web page UI Favorites list - when I try to reorder my Favorites with drag & drop, the selected item jumps to a number near the top of the list, scrambling up the list order. [Using IE 7.0].
    Bug #7400

    #2 Pressing #1 on the remote control to turn on my SBox with this station results in an error message.
    Bug #7399

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    Favorites list a mess

    Same issue, drag and drop leaves you with a buggy choice of 1-8, dragging and dropping from anywhere else takes that favorite to the top of the stack regardless of where you release it - which really messed up a lengthy list I had spent an hour or more updating and sorting by genre.

    The new and not-so-improved gui is mostly drum-thumping text for services I don't need or use. The real deal - my list of favorites - is now squeezed into a teeny little box. May I suggest clicking "more" from the SN splash page favorites link (where it shows a half-dozen or so off the top in the lower right corner) takes you to a full-page listing of favorites ("SN classic")? Else sorting out a list of 75-85 favorites becomes impossible.

    Bitch, bitch, bitch... (you folks really are the "bees knees", I know this is a work in progress...)

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    Same here

    I can also confirm the issue with dragging and dropping in the favorites list. As my list is short, I am able to fix it more easily: dragging anything up puts it at the top. From there I can drag further down in a more controlled fashion.


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    Possible "favorites" fix

    To the SqueezeCenter elves - note from Santa...

    If you are having trouble getting drag and drop to work in the new favorites layout, and don't plan on giving us back a bigger space for dragging and dropping, here's a simple solution...

    Add a new field to the edit function, shouldn't be too tough to code (not for elves at any rate). The new field would let you change the number of that "favorite" entry. This would actually be much easier to use than drag and drop (though admittedly not as cool). Even with the older (and better) favorites screen, one slip of the wrist and Frank Zappa Radio is rubbing elbows with Otto's Baroque...


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