I am experiencing occasional garbles and dropouts with my Squeezebox
connected to one computer, and constant, unavoidable garbles and
dropouts when connected to another. I am trying to move my music setup
from my old computer to my new computer but the new one (faster, better)
has the most trouble! They are both running the same versions of
Windows and SlimServer. All my files are MP3 files.

Old computer: IBM NetVista Pentium III running Windows XP Professional
Version 2002, SP1. 512 mb RAM, 1 Ghz processor. SlimServer 5.01.
I've been using my Squeezebox on this machine for a few months. It
mostly runs ok but occasionally has garbles and dropouts. I can "fix"
it by skipping to the next song.

New computer; Dell 4600 Pentium 4 running Windows XP Professional
Version 2002, SP1. 1 Gb RAM, 2.8 Ghz processor. SlimServer 5.01. On
this machine my Squeezebox CONSTANTLY has garbles and dropouts -- NO
songs play! There is nothing else significant running on this machine.
I tried upgrading this to SlimServer 5.1 (and of course upgrading the
Squeezebox) but it has the same problems.

HELP! I can't live without my SqueezeBox!

Eric Schurr
eschurr (AT) comcast (DOT) net