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    Need shelf stereo to go with my Squeezebox. Recommendations?

    I plan on getting another Squeezebox to go in our living room soon. There is no stereo system in that room, so I have been looking for something to connect the Squeezebox to. I was hoping someone here might have some recommendations.

    - Something relatively small, like a shelf or executive system. Though I will consider smaller component systems, if necessary.
    - Should have good sound with enough power to fill a 15x30 feet.
    - Optical digital input or digital coax input to connect to the Squeezebox.
    - Under $300, but the closer to $200 the better.
    - CD player (don't want multi-disc, but it won't disqualify a candidate)
    - Will look good in a living room. I don't want a boombox or something like looks like it is about to transform into a robot.

    Would be nice but not required:
    - Additional aux input for iPod. Don't need a dock, but if the unit matches other requirements and has a dock, great.

    I have only found one unit that even comes close to this so far, and I believe it is over $700.

    Years ago I bought a small JVC executive stereo for a couple hundred dollars. It had a digital optical input, cd player, etc. Pretty much met the specs all around, but that is no longer made.

    I've checked brick-and-mortar chains, major online retailers and a couple of the manufacturers sites directly, but haven't found it yet.

    Any recommendations? If you have similar requirements, what do you use?

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    If you run the SB3 digitally into some $300 unit, you are unlikely to get comparable sound quality to the SB3's analog outputs. You may wish to consider powered speakers, like the Audioengines or Aego-M's.

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    Aiwa used to make awesome sounding bookshelf systems. I have one in my bedroom. They had everything you mention except for the digital input. I don't know if Aiwa makes these types of systems any more. I think I paid $120 for mine 3 or 4 years ago. It still works quite well and sounds great.

    Klipsch makes some great sounding products designed for the iPod. I have an iGrooveHG that sounds incredible. They have another version now that is more modestly priced (~$150). Though they are designed for an iPod, they do have a line in jack (analog, not digital). One of these could work well for you too.
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    I'll second the audioengine speakers.. Listening to a pair right now.

    Don't worry, you'll soon forget what a CD player is.

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    A CD player is for when your home network is down...

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    The CD player is really only for when some luddite brings a CD over.

    The only problem with powered speakers is that we'd still like to listen to over-the-air radio sometimes. Not all stations we'd like to listen to have streaming services, unfortunately.

    Thanks for the input so far. Any others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmegliol View Post
    I don't want a boombox or something like looks like it is about to transform into a robot.
    Then don't get it from Sharper Image (like my girlfriend did). If only blue light really did equal better sound...

    Anyway, there are a lot of 'micro systems' listed at c|net: http://reviews.cnet.com/4566-6465_7-...00891_5419145_ (if the link doesn't work you can search google for "micro stereo review" and see it near the top).
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    I suspect that requirements 1 & 3 are mutually exclusive, so I reckon you'd be best concentrating your spend on the bits that will make most difference to the sound quality. Therefore the Audioengines (I haven't heard them) or similar sound like a good idea.

    You can get CD by sticking in your computer, iPod access in a similar fashion, and radio through the SB3 - so what more do you need?

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    I'm going to have to throw in with the powered speakers crowd. You simply get more of your money going towards the quality of sound that way. What you give up is the ability to play CD's and potentially a couple of local radio stations that do not stream (YET).

    On the other hand, you can listen to so many more stations from all over the world, that you might not even miss em!
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    Just for an alternative - a Tivoli One or Two would provide Radio as well as speaker although maybe not enough volume for the size of room. A black Tivoli would match well with a Duet/SBR.

    If you go for powered speakers but still need FM/AM radio from the SB, add a Tuner card or a Griffin Radio Shark to the PC running Slimserver/SqueezeCenter.

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