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    Upsampled to 96kHz WAV stream sounds slow

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask.

    o- Transporter
    o- SqueezeCenter v6.4 and v7 (including 16426 from Jan 18)
    o- Firmware v32, v34, v36
    o- 16/44.1 FLAC and WAV files

    If I upsample 44.1 stream to 96kHz with sox
    o- WAV is played slow
    o- FLAC is played at normal speed

    If I save the upsampled stream in a file - all formats sound OK.

    These are the commands:

    This one works: (44.1 FLAC -> AIFF -> 96 WAV -> 96 FLAC)

    flc flc * *
    /usr/bin/flac -dcs --force-aiff-format --skip=$START$ --until=$END$ -- $FILE$ | /usr/local/bin/sox -v0.98 --buffer 32768 -V4 -t aif -r44100 -2 -c2 - -t wav -2 -c2 -r96000 - polyphase -cutoff 1.0 stat | /usr/bin/flac -cs --totally-silent --compression-level-0 -

    This one does not (44.1 FLAC -> AIFF -> 96 WAV):

    flc wav * *
    /usr/bin/flac -dcs --force-aiff-format --skip=$START$ --until=$END$ -- $FILE$ | /usr/local/bin/sox -v0.98 --buffer 32768 -V4 -t aif -r44100 -2 -c2 - -t wav -2 -c2 -r96000 - polyphase -cutoff 1.0 stat

    What am I doing wrong? Is it a known bug?
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    Was playing with various upsampling settings and managed to get the Transporter confused even with 16/96 and 24/96 WAV files. Had to power cycle the unit to make it sync with 96kHz again.

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