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    Question "Newbie" Overwhelmed - Need Advice

    hi all and thank you in advance for the advice you offer and for supporting this forum.

    here is my "case" in a nutshell:

    i live in a manhattan apartment and need to get rid at least 600 CDs and 150 albums. i am very concerned about quality so i want to preserve my CDs at their original quality level. [i have 3000+ mp3s that i am less worried about.] i have bought two 200 GB external drives to store my music on and will probably purchase another one down the road for back-up. i wish i had the cash for the Transporter, but i don't, so a PC solution will need to work for now.

    1] what software [for Win XP] would you recommend [freeware or shareware] to organize my music? i would prefer one program that would handle my CDs and my mp3 collection, which is quite unorganized.

    2] what software would you recommend to burn my CDs into the hard drives?

    3] which lossless format should i use?

    4] i ordered my SB yesterday. today i see the SB duet coming out. what is the difference and which do i want?

    thanks again. i am sure i will have more questions soon.

    s -

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    Read, understand and follow the guidance in http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?BeginnersGuide to greatly reduce the chance of aural injury.

    1) OrangeCD from Firetongue Software

    2) You mean rip? Exact Audio Copy

    3) FLAC

    4) You want a Transporter

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    "Newbie" Overwhelmed - Need Advice

    Most of your questions should be answered in the following wiki article:

    > 4] i ordered my SB yesterday. today i see the SB duet coming out.
    > what is the difference and which do i want?

    Please read some of the Duet threads - there's lot of talk about it.


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    If you are "ripping" CDs and albums, don't think of your CDs and albums as being backup for what you now have on hard disk - you'll lose all your ripping/tagging/organizational work if the HD fails.

    IMHO, the easiest backup is to an external disk.
    (BTW, I use robocopy (free util from MS) to "mirror" from my server to external HDs - anyone know if there's already a "howto" here on using robocopy for this?).

    PS: here's a link to an easy step-by-step EAC tutorial (there was also a really good one at "the coaster factory", which seems to have disappeared). Anyway, just follow the steps and you'll be up pretty quickly...

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    1] SqueezeCenter.

    2] I use CDex on Windows, lots of folks prefer EAC

    3] FLAC

    4] For a Manhattan (assuming NY not Kansas) apartment, you can't get far enough away to really *need* the Controllers cool display.
    But the Controller is much cooler, so to show off how hip you are, a Duet may be the answer.

    As others have said, if you really, really care about audio quality, you want a Transporter. But don't worry, you can use either the SB3 or Duet today, and swap in a Transporter later (say when you get a massive bonus). All the hard work is in ripping and tagging your music.

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    2. I am happy with DBpoweramp. I rip everything to FLAC for the Squeezebox and then convert the FLAC to MP3 for iPod use. Once you have the music in FLAC, the MP3 conversion is quite quick.

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