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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokersut View Post
    There is software "somewhere on the net" that will activate the mini-jack - the reason it has not been oficially implemented is that the sound quality is not up to standards.
    SqueezePlay, the software which runs on the SBC, is going to get audio playback. Take a look in the dev forums for more, you can probably even get the source.

    With regards to the card slot, then this indeed an SD slot, and you should be able to listen to music from a card via the mini-jack, once you have it activated.
    The SD slot is general purpose storage. I have no idea if the SqueezePlay folks are planning on doing playback from local storage, it seems a little off from the SD ethos, but maybe. It's there to be useful - it's good for doing fw updates and is very useful in development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goxboxlive View Post
    So it has a IR-emitter. Maybe in the future we will be able to control other HiFi equipment, such as amplifiers and cd players.
    No reason it can't, the IR emitter works just fine. In fact there is a test applet to use the emitter to control an older SB player.

    In order to control something else, you'd need software written. This is all open source, so anyone can dive in if they want. I believe LIRC http://www.lirc.org/ is being incorporated by a 3rd party developer, this is the foundation necessary for these things. LIRC has lots of configuration files available for a variety of devices.

    Applets for the SBC are written in Lua http://www.lua.org/ Unfortunately 3rd party developers haven't taken to it as easily as perl (the language SqueezeCenter is written in) so there aren't too many 3rd party applets.

    I really enjoy the squeezebox, but is there any way i can make it have static signal on the digital out?

    I like to control my volume via my preamplifier and not via the duet. Is there anyway to make the output signal (coax) static?
    Not sure what you mean by "static"?

    BTW in regards to the SD card, the SBC OS sees it as an ordinary drive. You can access SBC via a command line like any Linux computer and tell it to read from the drive. Yes, you could put music on it and retrieve the music easily. As for playing it, this might take a bit more work as passing the audio data is currently done by SC. This should still be the case with SqueezePlay, so retrieving the audio data from raw files on an SD card is a bit different and possibly more difficult.
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