> ANy idea how to schedule the Rescan action from cron??

I put the following perl script in my cron.daily and it rescans my slimp3 server every night. Just substitute the IP address of your server in the script. I am using this with version 4.2.6 of the server software. So I don't know whether it will work with the newer server software (version 5). Can anyone confirm?

use IO::Socket::INET;

my $slimp3_server = '';
my $slimp3_port = '9090';

$socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => $slimp3_server,
PeerPort => $slimp3_port,
Proto => 'tcp',
or die "Can't connect to $slimp3_server:$slimp3_port : $!\n";

print $socket "rescan\015\012";
close $socket;