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    Problems running SoftSqueeze on Vista

    I'm trying to run SoftSqueeze 3.5 on Windows Vista Ultimate with Java 1.6. My SlimServer is running fine on the same machine, because I have connected my Squeezebox to it, and it is working just fine. But when I try to play through SoftSqueeze, what seems to happen is that there is a very long delay (1-2 minutes) before anything starts playing, and then only brief clips of the song are played with gaps between.

    Does anyone have advice or experience with this issue?

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    Anyone else have a problem with Vista and Softsqueeze?
    I'm running the latest SC7 and running Softsqueeze from there.
    When I press right or up or down or left on the softsqueeze remote, nothing happens. I have to repeatedly hit the key and then at some random point, it gets processed.


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    I haven't had a working softsqueeze on my Vista Box since going to SC 7 more than a month ago.

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    I am not experiencing any problems with Vista Home Premium. I also have an XP box and both run SoftSqeeze with no delay. Below is what I see on my Vista box while running SoftSqueeze on it.

    SoftSqueeze Basic tab:
    Java 1.6.0-oem, SoftSqueeze 3.5.

    SoftSqueeze Audio tab:
    Audio mixer: Primary Sound Driver
    Audio buffer size: 128000
    MP3 Decoder: JLayer

    SoftSqueeze Networking tab:
    SqueezeCenter Hostname:
    SqueezeCenter HTTP Port: 9000
    SqueezeCenter SlimPronto Port: 3483

    SC Settings Status tab:
    SqueezeCenter Information: Squeezecenter Version: 7.0 - 17793 - Windows Vista - EN - cp1252
    Player information Model: softsqueeze
    Firmware: 2
    The IP address for this player is:

    I have not changed any settings from the default.


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