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    Just thought I'd chip in, since I tried building the Jive software for the first time today and managed to both get it to run and also transfer to another machine.

    It was a bit fiddly, but basically I installed VC++ Express (the links in the wiki are a bit out of date, since it's now version 2008, so I updated the wiki accordingly) and managed to build it without needing to add any PlatformSDK files or anything from DirectX.

    Once built the exe CAN be run on another machine but there are some VisualC++ runtime DLLs that need to also be on the target machine.

    The problem was hard to pin down since the error on the target machine didn't simply say that whatever.dll could not be found, but rather ambiguously that the system was not properly configured.

    I'll take a look at it a bit more tomorrow, but basically at the moment if you look at the manifest files for the release build, and compare them with the ones for the debug buid, you'll notice that the release build seems to have a dependancy on both the release and debug versions of the runtime. That must be a mistake and I'll try to fix it, but my workaround was to copy both sets of DLLs from the VC++ Redist folders (debug and release, 4 DLLs each so 8 in total) to the target machine and it worked!

    There's a reference to a DirectX lib in the Release build configuration that needs to be deleted to get it to build. I'll post full details of all the tweeks tomorrow.

    One small point, if the executable is built using VC++ Express (as opposed to the full paid for version), is there then any restriction to the distribution of the resulting files?
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