Hello all, I've seen a couple threads on similar topics, but there are so many variables, I thought I would seek some help.

I have just installed a second SB3. The first one was working just fine. Its location is on the other side of a thick wall from the router.

Now the original SB3 is stuttering and locking up. The new one seems to work fine. The original SB3 is in the same location. I have a good - excellent signal on my laptop in proximity to the stuttering SB3.

When I installed the new SB3, the only thing I did in Slimserver was to name it. I don't know if they are assigned different IP addresses.

Also, when I use Slimserver, I can only control the original SB3. How do I gan control of both/either SB3s?

Also, I can only get my XM account working on the original SB3. Can I get it working on both? Can I switch compatibility to the new SB3? (saw some threads, but not sure what to do)

Some data points:
Wireless G
2.4ghz cordless phone
Wireless printer
Stand alone house, but i pick up the neighbors networks faintly.
No change to system that is now stuttering.

Thanks so much for all the help. Please let me know if there are proceedures I should apply.