If you can't afford a squeezebox or slimp3 (only $239) then don't buy one.
You cannot build a comparable device for less money, others have tried.

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Subject: [slim] Is there future for squeezebox/slimp3 with the current
retail prices?

Hi, Before you start a flame session: I love my 'old' slimp3 but would like
make some remarks about the current prices.

I tried to make my own cost estimate about what the price of a device should
be in the current market. We see a lot of competition coming of similar

I think many of the owners in this group are the techies(like me) who like
opensource/multiplatform feature of a sqeezebox but the who cares about that
outside this relative small community. In the retail channel this does not
count (yet?!). When the competing devices hit retail stores their numbers
and prices go down.
Where does this leave Slimdevices?

My personal cost estimate, I'll 'build' a device from another audio device:
Compare a wired only Squeeze box with an external USB sound card, replace
for Ethernet and add a display:
External USB sound cards start now at ▒50$ and majority around 100-150. Add
display and you have a similar device. Both have remote controls, and
running on a PC.

I started thinking about this because the kids would like to have a
as well in their room but the steep price keeps me from buying extra

Crazy Idea: for the 300$ of a squeeze box I can buy a Dell Axim with Wifi,
stream MP3 to that and connect Powered external speakers. The kids would
it! (OK, not realistic, this would not live long in a kids room and the
quality is different but the prices are comparable).

Thanks for listening.
Willem Oepkes