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    Feature requests

    I thought doing this would put the song in the zapped


    > Is it possible to add the capability to insert a
    > > song or album into the current playlist and not

    > > append to the end (via the remote)?

    > This one is already there. If you press and hold

    ADD the item will be
    > added to be played next instead of at the end of the list.

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    Feature requests

    Quoting fauxfrenchdeux <fauxfrenchdeux (AT) yahoo (DOT) com>:

    > I thought doing this would put the song in the zapped
    > list?

    the buttons are context sensitive. If you are watching the "Now Playing..."
    screen, then pressing and holding ADD will zo the zap function. Press and
    release will just remove the song from the playlist. If you are browsing
    through songs/albums/artists then the ADD button will either append or insert
    dependong in if you release or hold, respectively.

    ADD has other functions when it other modes as well. For example, if you are
    using any of Kevin Walsh's plugins, ADD is often a button to trigger an update
    of information.


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