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    Combining different Jive menu items in same menu ?

    Is there some way I can create a Jive menu registered with Slim::Control::Jive::registerPluginMenu that contains both higher menu items with cover art and single line menu items without cover art ?

    I've only found the menuStyle parameter, which seems to control this but it seems to affect the whole menu and can be set per menu item.

    As an example, when I browse to an artist under "My Music" on the jive remote it displays a "Play All" menu item and a menu item for each album for that artist. Today the "Play All" menu item contains a cover art icon even though it will never have any cover art.

    I like to do a similar menu but I like the "Play all" item to be a single row menu item without any cover art and below it I like to display the album entries as multiple row entries with cover art.

    Is there some way I could do this or do I have to make my own Jive applet to accomplish something like this ?
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    No-- At this time it is not possible to have mixed styles or line heights in a single menu. Possibly this will change in future releases, but it won't be possible for some time.

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