Ok, until it's all in the SlimServer and can be handled internally, I've got a solution that allows me to play realaudio streams on the Squeezebox...

Attached is the rm2mp3proxy.pl script I wrote. It relies on vsound and trplayer, and vsound has to be fixed; Change line 142 as follows:

old: if [ "$verbose" ] && [ "$VSOUND_STDOUT" ]; then
new: if [ "$verbose" = 1 ] && [ "$VSOUND_STDOUT" ]; then

It defaults to serving on port 2020, so if you're ok with that, you don't have to edit anything... otherweise open it up and change whatever you like.

Then, assuming you've run it on the same machine as the SlimServer, add a playlist pointing to your realaudio link, via the proxy like (for example):


This will go start streaming the realaudio, convert it to MP3 and stream it back out.

One thing that might be required is the SlimServer server settings, advanced, network, radio station timeout should be increased, probably to at least 30 seconds, as there is a significant delay between requesting the stream and it coming through.

It needs to be piped through sox to increase the volume as the level is waay to low compared to normal.... at least radio 1 compared to my mp3s... can someone give me the correct command for this?

Anyhow, thoughts?