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    SC7 Firmware and slimserver 6.5.x

    Please forgive a newbie for asking a stupid question, but...

    It appears that SC7 has upgdated squeezebox firmware over 6.5.x.
    I was planning on running both a 6.5 and a V7 servers (on different machines) while I tested it... Will I encounter any
    problems switching back to the 6.5 server after the v7 firmware upgrade??


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    I haven't noticed any problems with the new firmware and SS6.5.4.
    Just make sure you edit the version file in SS6.5 accordingly otherwise you will be prompted to up/downgrade the firmware whenever you change to the other SS/SC version.


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    I guess that strange things could happen with pause/unpause (including sync start). This is because these protocol commands (strm-p, strm-u) now take notice of the replay-gain field with pause-period and start-at-time data (the old field has been reused). The old server will, I think, continue to stick the reply-gain value (if any) into this field, resulting in much confusion. You will probably be ok if you set the player preference to not use replay-gain.


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