Mubic are the French re-sellers for SlimDevices.

The SlimServer software can already display in many different languages just
by selecting the language option in the server config.

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I recently saw mentioned, albeit very briefly, on French
television (here) as a company commercialising SqueezeBoxes.

I went to their site and it certainly looks like it. The price is perhaps
reasonable (310 Euros) however with the dollar/Euro ratio where it is at the
moment it's cheaper for me to get it directly from Slim Devices (240 euros)
even if you add in shipping afterwards.

My bigger question, as I have already started showing this to my friends who
are drooling, is whether or not there is a French version of the product /
interface. The web site is mostly in English, even though it says
it is a French version, and the details are all in English.

Are you working on a French version?

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