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    Any experiences with MediaCenter playlists in SB?

    Hi all.
    Purchased my Squeezebox two days ago, and I'm already madly in love with it. I use it along with (MC2 and) JRiver MediaCenter 12.0, which is the best media player I've ever been using, and everything should be close to perfect, but there is one small prob: in MC 12.0 I've created a few playlists, but these seem to be unavailable on my Squeezebox. That is, MC stores the playlists in the C:\folder (I've been told), and my music library is on my F:\disk. I tried creating a shortcut in my music folder pointing back to the playlistx.jmd file, but my playlists still won't show up using the Music Folder browsing feature on my SB.
    Anyone else here using MC and MC playlists on SB, and how do you make it work?

    ole k,

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    SlimServer doesn't know a thing about J River's proprietary database formats (JMD files), but here is what you can do...

    In JRMC, right click the playlist and choose "Export Playlist." A dialog box will pop up where you can give it a file name and choose other options. For where to save it, choose the folder that is designated as your playlist folder in SlimServer. Make sure relative paths is not checked and use M3u as the format. OK the dialog, and then tell SlimServer to scan for new playlists.
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    Thanks a lot, mesue. It worked like a dream. Glad you're around both here and on Interact :-).

    deep bows,
    ole k

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