I was borded and thought what the heck and loaded SS7.

Wow, it's great !!!

Keep in mind all I do is Flac (no internet services).
All I do is Random Play. I have no play lists.

The config pages seem to have issues with IE7.

To work around some issues (mostly no ability to scroll) I copied the link to a full IE7 session and was able to scroll there.

One my biggest gripes with 6.5.x is Random Play is whacky.

It finally feels more random and I'm hears albums I forgot I had.

I don't mean to saturate the developers in the middle of working on SS7 (there is no support, manual or release notes). But it definitely works for me and I love the new look and feel.

It installed, scanned and fired up flawlessly on an XP SP2 server.