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    How do the Jive code get to the Jive remote ?

    How will the Jive code get onto the Jive remote ?

    Do the user has to copy the correct code to the Jive remote manually or will it be loaded from SlimServer or will it be put on the remote from the factory ?

    How about 3rd party Jive applets, how will these get onto the remote ?
    As an example, will the user have to manually install a plugin both in SlimServer(the perl part) and on the Jive remote (the Jive applet part), or will the Jive applet somehow be loaded automatically from the standard perl plugin package stored under the "Plugins" directory in SlimServer ?

    I'm interesting to know how this will be done after the release, I understand that it currently might be more complicated since the product is under development.
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    Right now you put it on a SD card. I believe in the future it will also be implemented through SlimServer.

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