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    Pronto PRO Slim Server Controller

    I wasn't sure where to post this as it is not a plugin, it is not a mod, and it does not fit the tone of DIY; so here it comes.

    I hae been working on setting up my house so that the Pronto PRO will be the only Remote in the house. I am almost there.

    There are three main areas I am concerned with:

    (1) Theater: Replacement of the IR based iPronto with the TCPIP based Pronto PRO with no Extenders in the loop. The theater is controlled by a PC and the PC talks to the Pronto PRO over TCPIP doing in effect "IR Emulation"

    (2) Music; A fully mobile control system for the Slim Players which run with Slim Server, their companion Music server software. The control system must allow me to do selection (multiple ways) and full control over what is playing with a reasonable graphic interface.It must be usable from anywhere in the house including the pool area as one of the players drives the whole house music system.

    (3) Control of the Homeseer System which runs lighting, HVAC, CallerID, Security, the Pool, and a myriad of other subsystems to provide full ouse control

    I am well along and have had some excellent support and help in the graphics and testing area from LowPro. I decided to share some pics of the music control system. These are digital photos, and photography is not one of my strong points

    The Main screen is the initial screen of the activity where you select which player you want to deal with. The select screen allows you to select what is to go into the "Now Playing List". You can do it by artist, album, genre, saved playlists and songs.

    The Info screen shows you the Now playing list which you can edit, the "Now Playing" song and the "next up" song along with the modes of the player (repeat, shuffle, sleep). It is dynamically updated by the server as things change (there is actually a song progress bar that is updated every 2 seconds or so); and if the Pronto goes to sleep (happens a lot when I listen to my music as I am often reading, or I doze off) it fully recovers the current state as soon as the pronto wakes up.

    LowPro is a stylus man and I am a button man so there are configuration options for how you want the system to operate. In general both the Stylus and buttons are provided for.

    The Icon on the upper left corner is a picture of the Slim Devices Squeezebox and shows system status, going as far as an animated marquee display when playing a song.

    I am distributing this activity (needs a little more tweaking) but only on request and with a very simple set of rules.

    If you are interested drop me a line. I will answer questions on how I did things and the prontoScript is not too hard to follow once you get the hang of the model I use.

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    I've created some mock-ups of the Main, Select, and Info pages for this activity using the editor and Photoshop. Click on the links below to view each image.

    (Keep in mind that once downloaded to the remote the text seen on these pages will be anti-aliased providing for a very smooth, clean look.)

    The "Main" page:

    The "Info" page:

    The "Select" page:

    The "Settings" page:

    The "Settings" page is not viewed in the remote by the way. The various options on the settings page must be chosen in the editor prior to downloading to the remote. One of the coolest options included here is the ability to customize the click behavior of the browse menu. This gives the user complete control of the experience when browsing their music collection and adding items to the playlist. For each type of list you'll see in the browse menu you get to determine what happens when you click on an item not already selected (1st Click) and what happens when clicking on an item that is already selected (2nd Click). The "Select" option moves the selection arrow next to said item only. The "Drop" option takes you a level deeper within the browse menu, and the add option adds the selection to the playlist.

    There are a few click behavior options which are not configurable however. These are shown in grey. Clicking on a song which is already selected adds only as there is no other action you can perform on a song at that point. Then there are the special items, "All Artists", "All Albums", and "All Songs". These options are also non-configurable. First click always selects and second click always adds. Each of these special items appear as the first item in their respective lists whether that be a list of artists, a list of albums, or a list of songs. Let's say that you are viewing the albums for a given artist and decide to drop down to the song level to check out the songs for the album. Once at the song level you decide you'd like to just add all the songs to the playlist. No problem. Rather than having to back out to the album level adding the album you can just hit up the "All Songs" option adding all songs for the given album to the playlist. This feature is available when browsing your music collection via the SlimServer web interface and is great to have here with the Pronto SlimServer activity as well.

    Another cool option is the "Select Page (Firm Key Assignments)" option. This option allows you to choose between two different sets of firm key assignments for the "Select" page.

    (The firm keys are the five hard buttons located directly below the screen. These hard buttons also correspond with the on-screen buttons running along the bottom of the screen. Both the on-screen firm key buttons and firm key hard buttons perform the same actions.)

    I personally go with the "Transport" option as I like having the transport controls available to me at all times. If you prefer hard buttons over on-screen buttons when working with the playlist however, there is the "Select" option. This option mirrors the on-screen buttons located at the bottom of the playlist pane with the addition of the "Swap Pane" function. The "Swap Pane" function allows you to toggle back and forth between the browse menu and playlist panes with the currently selected pane being highlighted. You can also just click on the header of a given pane to select it just as you would do in windows. The really cool thing here is that the pane which is selected determines the behavior of the cursor pad. When the browse menu pane is selected the cursor pad controls the browse menu. When the playlist pane is selected the cursor pad controls the playlist. Now how's that for making the Pronto work for you. Very cool!
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    All this sounds very cool, but where do I download it?


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    go to www.the-gordons.net. Hunt around (it is easy, go to bottom of first page) When you find what you are looking for, read the rules and send me an email stating that you have read the rules and agree to them. I will then send you the xcf.

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