I discovered something interesting and frustrating at the same time:

When I powered off my router, the squeezebox screen went blank.

What I propose is that for all sorts of scenarios, the squeezebox should display informative error messages. E.g. in the example above, the squeezebox should display a message that says that it lost contact with the router. In other words, you should be able to see immediately that there is nothing wrong with the power supply or the screen or anything else in the squeezebox, just that it lost touch with the router. So then you have a better idea where to start your troubleshooting, in this example, look at your router and don't assume that there is anything wrong with the squeezebox.

Or how about an error message that the squeezebox can communicate with the router but lost its local ip address.

Or how about an error message that the wifi reception is not good enough (I know you can scroll through the menus to see your signal strength but a basic message if this becomes a problem should be right there in front of your eyes when your music stops).

I am sure others can suggest other scenarios where error messages would be helpful to diagnose a problem.

I know that software in general should have built in error messages to help diagnose problems and the squeezebox operating system or firmware should also have them.