dean blackketter wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've just updated the nightly pre-release builds with a fix that should
> make internet radio much more reliable. You can get it here:
> If you've been having trouble with internet radio, please try it out and
> post your experiences.

So far so good, with shoutcast 80's pop (128K). 30 minutes, silky.
This one does stream metadata, and used to be fairly problematic.

Title1=The 80s Channel (128Kbps)

The other day, I decided to try listening to the stream simultaneously
through the squeezebox and my office PC (which is not the slimserver).
With a little pause/play action in WMP Classic, I was able to get both
devices within a few hundredths of a second of sync'ed... After a few
minutes, the squeezebox started to stutter, and a fraction of a second
later, WMPC tanked with a protection fault. Someone wrote earlier that
some of this probably has to do with the state of net radio, and this
experience would seem to support that.


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