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    Wireless Network Test - New SB3 vs old one...


    I have an odd problem, my old SB3 with the network test plugin seemed to be easily able to stream 5000kbps at 100%.

    This warranty replacement one will barely do 1500kbps (around 54%). This probably means its going to stuggle when I start to use FLAC. This doesnt matter if I put the unit downstairs 70% signal strength or right next to the wireless antenna 99-100% signal strength.

    Whats going on? Is the new unit duff?

    edit as suspected, tried to play a .wav file 1450kbps and the SB cant do it so this does indeed look like the new unit is duff. A 1000kbps FLAC wont even play, how can this machine be so much worse than the last one? (Make that 900kbps wont play).

    This is really disapointing.

    LOL its crappy asus! *blush* The latest drivers seem to be a complete joke is what the answer to this is, the SB3 seems fine. Getting 98% on 5000kbps now using the original drivers for the motherboard from the CD and the 1450kbps wav is playing with no drops. You have to love companies with drivers that get released going backwards.

    Thanks for reading.

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