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Thread: Which speakers?

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    Which speakers?

    Hi there,

    I've just ordered my first Squeezebox and I'm very excited about it arriving ... the thing is I don't have an amplifier so I want to buy some new speakers that will plug straight into it and I'm not sure what to get ... I'm looking to spend around £100 (upto £150) which is about $200-$300 and looking at a set of stereo speaker.

    Does anybody have any recommendations for me?



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    I bought a pair of white AudioEngine A5s a while back for the kitchen, and I'm very happy with them... (Though others on the SlimDevices forum have different views)

    The only downside is that they'd burst your budget, coming in at £200.


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    RE: Which speakers?

    I've been very happy with the AE Aego M speakers I bought a while back.


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    Hi Simon,

    I would look at the second hand market for speakers. All the good brands that have made good sounding speakers for some time, not a magazines flavour of the month/advertiser of the month. Quad, Linn, Epos there are plenty out there but listen to them with your amp and squeezebox. If you need a quality amp/radio cd as well http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ebuttonz..._classik.shtml
    Possibly on ebay for £100 less

    This is a bargain. I dont work for them but I bought one recently and it really is excellent.

    Good luck


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    I auditioned the Aego M's in Singapore this evening and was so impressed I purchased three.
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    Another vote for the Aego M. For your budget, and needing amplified speakers, they are hard to beat. You can find them all over the UK for £99 or less.

    They sound great and the rounded edges match well with the SB3. They're also available in white or black.

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    I've been looking for an excuse to buy the HK Soundsticks. I haven't heard them myself, but I think they look cool.

    http://www.harmankardon.com/product_detail.aspx cat=MME&prod=SOUNDSTICKSII&sType=PCS

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